Fantasy NASCAR Racin Pick Submission Page

Welcome to the 2019 Fantasy NASCAR Racin Season

OK.. A couple items here….

1) Make sure you put in your NAME in the box below;  Picks without a name will be thrown out.

2) This form will not stop you from picking a driver more than once. MAKE SURE you don’t pick duplicate drivers.

This falls under “Players Responsibility”. Obviously you will not receive points for duplicate drivers.

3) If a driver you want is not on ANY list… List him in the “Write In” box below.  Any driver not on any list is a D driver. Look Again, often someone will ‘write in’ a driver that is on the B or C list.  Drivers are listed in alphabetical order so they are easy to find.

4) MOST IMPORTANT ## check your work.. make sure you have BOTH NAMES on your entry – AND you have picked exactly the required number of picks for each group.  No more No less… and of course, make sure all your picks are actually starting the race.

  • Your Information

  • A Drivers

  • B Drivers

  • C Drivers

  • D Driver